Steuben County Republican Chairman Joe Sempolinski Declares Candidacy For Congress


Constitutional conservative and Southern Tier native Joe Sempolinski declared his candidacy for Congress today. Sempolinski currently serves as the chairman of the Steuben County Republican Committee and is pro-2nd Amendment, pro-life, pro-business and pro-law enforcement.

“The far left in this country has gone crazy,” Sempolinski said. “They try to destroy anyone who doesn’t agree with their radical and dangerous agenda. Whether it is attacks on Donald Trump, other conservative politicians, or just average people trying to live their lives – the need for the far left to cancel and destroy is insatiable.  We need to move forward. We need a candidate that will stand up to the far left and fight for our values. We need to support the rule of law and those who enforce the law. We need to support small business owners who just want to get back making a living. We need to support families who are shocked by the liberal indoctrination that is happening in our schools.”

Sempolinski was born and raised in the Southern Tier. Earlier in his career, he led the New York-based staff for the 23rd Congressional District. More recently, he served as Director of Development at Archbishop Walsh Academy in Olean.

“The Southern Tier and Finger Lakes are my home,” Sempolinski stated. “I was born here. I was raised here. I am raising my family here. I have the experience to serve this region and make sure our voice is heard in Congress. This part of the country is the most beautiful place on Earth, with people who just want a fair opportunity to succeed. I ask for the chance to be your representative. I will never quit on you.”

“There is no one who knows this region like I do. I have spent years working with people throughout this district on the federal issues that impact their lives and livelihoods, as a staff member and as a private citizen. I can hit the ground running in Washington as no other candidate can.”

Regarding the delayed redistricting process, Sempolinski said that “The incompetence of the Cuomo administration means New York is losing a seat in Congress. The rural areas of the Southern Tier and Finger Lakes have always had a member of the House to represent them. I will not sit back and wait to see if the Albany machine takes our voice away. The fight must begin now.”

Joe is a graduate of what was then Corning-Painted Post West High School. He graduated from Georgetown University with a bachelor’s degree and received graduate degrees from Yale University. He lives in Canisteo with his wife Angie and his daughters Joselyn and Madelyn. Angie is a public school teacher in Hinsdale, NY.