NY23 Congressional Candidate Joe Sempolinski Exceeds Fundraising Goal


Congressional candidate Joe Sempolinski has announced his fundraising numbers for the first three months of his campaign. Joe Sempolinski For Congress has raised over $107,000 as of September 30th. These numbers are being released in conjunction with the campaign’s latest FEC disclosure report.

“Our goal of raising over $100,000 in three months was seen as aggressive, given all the uncertainty surrounding redistricting” Sempolinski stated. “I had people with professional fundraising experience tell me this goal was too high, given the fact that we don’t yet know the configuration of the Congressional Districts in New York. The fact that we were able to exceed this goal shows that the people of this region are looking for a Constitutional Conservative to fight for them in Washington, DC. It means so much that so many people put their trust in me to be their voice”

Sempolinski is pleased with the state of the campaign.

“If you had told me when we announced on July 1st that we would be where we are now, I wouldn’t have believed you. We hit our very aggressive first fundraising goal. As the districts get finalized, even more donors will be coming on board. The number of people signing up to join our campaign has obliterated all expectations. Everywhere I go throughout this region, I have people that want to be a part of this campaign and stand up to the Biden agenda. We are excited for the remainder of 2021 and are looking forward to the election year.”

The Independent Redistricting Commission has released two draft Congressional maps to the public. As a result, there are two versions of a successor district to the current 23rd, one in each of the maps. There are 19 counties that are in at least one of the versions, at least in part. Sempolinski is a lifelong resident of Steuben County, one of only three counties that are in both draft versions of the new district.

Joe Sempolinski is the current Chairman of the Steuben County Republican Committee. He is a former senior Congressional staffer. Joe announced his candidacy for what is currently known as the 23rd Congressional District on July 1st.