Joe Sempolinski Puts His Name Forward As A Candidate For The Special Election In NY23


In light of the resignation of Congressman Tom Reed, congressional candidate Joe Sempolinski has put his name forward as a candidate for the special election in New York’s 23rdCongressional District.

“I am the best candidate to finish the current Congressional term in the old 23rdCongressional District” Sempolinski stated. “As the former head district level Congressional staffer for this region, there is no one who knows it better than I do. As a candidate that has been in the race for over a year, there is no one who can get a special election campaign put together faster. I have already reached out to the party leadership to let them know about my interest in this position.”

Joe Sempolinski is the current Chairman of the Steuben County Republican Committee. Joe announced his candidacy for the 23rd Congressional District on July 1st, 2021.

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