Joe Sempolinski Accepts The Nomination Of The Republican And Conservative Parties For The NY23 Congressional Special Election On August 23rd


Joe Sempolinski has been chosen as the nominee of both the Republican Party and the Conservative Party for the August 23rd Special Election in New York’s 23rd Congressional District. This election will be to finish the current Congressional term and will take place in the district as it has been configured for the last 10 years.

“It is a profound honor to have been chosen as the candidate to finish this term” Sempolinski stated. “I was born in this district. I was raised in this district. I am raising my children in this district. I have spent my career fighting for the people of this district. The 23rd District deserves to have a strong local voice standing up for our common values. I will be a Congressman who is one hundred percent focused on doing the job of representing the people and not one who is distracted by running for another position. “

When elected, Joe will take office almost immediately after the special election and will serve until January 3rd 2023.

“August 23rd will be a great day in the Southern Tier and Finger Lakes. We will be among the first areas in the nation to be able to send a message to Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi that their time is over. One party control by the Democrat Party has been a disaster for America. We have massive inflation, food shortages, rampant crime and fiascos abroad. The Biden Administration represents incompetence on a historic scale. I talk to people every day that have had enough. Republicans, Conservatives, Independents and even many Democrats are going to speak with one voice on August 23rd and make sure that the midterm wave sweeping common sense back into government will start right here.”

Joe first declared his candidacy for Congress on July 1st, 2021. He is the current Chairman of the Steuben County Republican Committee. He is also a former senior Congressional staffer. He was born in Elmira, NY, raised in the Painted Post, NY area and lives with his wife and daughters in Canisteo, NY.

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