Congressional Candidate Joe Sempolinski Supports Keeping Hyde Amendment


Constitutional Conservative and Congressional Candidate Joe Sempolinski supports keeping the Hyde Amendment and making it permanent. Late last week, the House Appropriations Committee advanced the appropriations bill which includes funding for the Department of Health and Human Services without Hyde Amendment language.

“I support keeping Hyde Amendment restrictions on taxpayer funded abortions,” Sempolinski said. “For over 40 years, federal taxpayer funds have not been used for most abortions. This policy should be included once again in this year’s appropriations. In fact, when I am elected to Congress, I will support legislation making the Hyde Amendment permanent law.”

The Hyde Amendment currently restricts the use of federal taxpayer funds for abortions to only those pregnancies in which the life of the mother is at risk or were caused by rape or incest. Since it is currently a restriction on annual appropriations, it must be passed each year as part of the appropriations process.

“Joe Biden was a longtime supporter of the Hyde Amendment. However, he sadly compromised on that stand in order to win support from the Far Left for the Presidency. It is just another reason why Biden should not be President” Sempolinski added.