Congressional Candidate Joe Sempolinski Demands Biden Administration Leave No American Behind In Afghanistan


Congressional candidate Joe Sempolinski today demanded that no American be stranded in Afghanistan.

“The Biden administration is operating off an arbitrary August 31st deadline to end evacuations in Afghanistan. American lives are more important than a deadline. We must ensure all Americans who wish to leave Afghanistan are allowed to do so, even if it means breaching the August 31st deadline. We cannot be beholden to the Taliban for the safety of Americans.”

Sempolinski stated that this problem goes beyond just American lives.

“Our allies want to get their citizens out and do not wish to be held to the arbitrary August 31st date. We also have Afghans that we have made commitments to that need to be transported to safety. The timeline must be based on the status of our people and our allies. We cannot be bullied by the Taliban.  Joe Biden continues to make decisions that show he is not capable of being a responsible Commander-In-Chief.”