Congressional Candidate Joe Sempolinski Demands Action From Biden Administration On Americans Trapped In Afghanistan


Congressional candidate Joe Sempolinski today demanded concrete action from the Biden administration to address the problem of Americans still trapped in Afghanistan.

“The Biden administration cannot leave Americans behind in Taliban controlled Afghanistan. It is unclear if the administration even knows how many Americans are still in Afghanistan. Action must be taken to ensure the safety of Americans not only in Kabul but in all parts of Afghanistan. The safety of the thousands of Americans trapped must be the top priority of the US Government.”

Sempolinski stated the fact that so many Americans are in danger is just one aspect of a totally failed withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“Joe Biden is a failure. The execution of the withdrawal from Afghanistan is the worst foreign policy failure in living memory. To be left in a situation with so many Americans and Afghan allies in danger is utterly unacceptable. The level of complete incompetence on display before the world this week has been appalling. This failure has been compounded by Joe Biden blaming everyone but himself and hiding from responsibility.”