Congressional Candidate Joe Sempolinski Condemns Governor Cuomo For Calling On Private Businesses To Ban Unvaccinated Customers


Constitutional Conservative and Congressional Candidate Joe Sempolinski strongly condemned Governor Andrew Cuomo for today recommending private businesses only allow admission to vaccinated customers.

“Getting the COVID vaccine is a personal choice,” Sempolinski said. “For the Governor of New York to recommend that unvaccinated people not be allowed to participate in the economy of our state is shockingly totalitarian. The vaccine should be available to everyone who wants it, and everyone, especially those with comorbidities, should carefully weigh the serious risks of remaining unvaccinated. However, for the governor to attempt to exclude from society those who choose to not receive the vaccine is beyond the pale.

Andrew Cuomo is the worst public official in America. He is responsible for thousands of unnecessary deaths in this state’s nursing homes. He has led New York to having the 2nd highest COVID death rate in America. He stands accused of a multitude of instances of personal, moral and sexual corruption. He has personally profited from the deaths of others. Andrew Cuomo should be rotting in jail, not holding press conferences.”