Congressional Candidate Joe Sempolinski Condemns Biden Vaccine Mandates


Congressional candidate Joe Sempolinski has denounced the sweeping and unconstitutional vaccine mandates announced by Joe Biden.

“For the Biden administration to unilaterally impose vaccine mandates that would impact 100,000,000 people is wrong and tyrannical” Sempolinski stated. “I stand against vaccine mandates. In a free society, there should never be a situation where you must take a government mandated action or lose your livelihood. I am not anti-vaccine. I recommend the COVID vaccine, especially for the elderly or those with other health issues. I am pro-freedom. I will always stand for freedom.”

Sempolinski argued these mandates set a dangerous precedent.

“Joe Biden just stood behind a podium and said, ‘Do this or I will threaten your livelihood’ No law was passed. No debate was held. No vote was taken. That is not the action of a President. It is the action of a dictator. What is the next thing that the President will say we have to do to remain in our society? What is the next thing the President will say we can’t do and keep our job?”