Congressional Candidate Joe Sempolinski Condemns Biden/Harris Border Crisis


Constitutional Conservative and Congressional Candidate Joe Sempolinski has condemned the ongoing Biden/Harris border crisis.

“The American people have had enough of the Biden/Harris Administration’s incompetence at the border,” Sempolinski said. “The number of recent illegal border crossings exceed anything that we have seen within the last generation. Furthermore, the number of people crossing the border illegally multiple times has more than doubled. The change in the status of the border from the Trump Administration to the Biden/Harris Administration could not be starker. This current surge in illegal border crossings is a result of the reversal of Trump Administration policies.”

Sempolinski said the first move must be securing the border. “We must know who is crossing our borders. The Biden/Harris Administration has made our nation less secure. A nation cannot keep its people safe if it doesn’t know who is entering. Drug trafficking, human trafficking and other crimes caused by an insecure border must be stopped. The border must be secured. The Biden/Harris Administration has demonstrated their gross incompetence by their lack of action on this issue.”

“As the next Congressman from this region, I will focus on stopping the flow of illegal immigration into this country, securing the border and making sure Americans are safe. Crossing the border illegally is a crime,” Sempolinski added.